Super Deal - Lipo Foam

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There are approximately 4,000 known substances that can cause contact allergy - and every tenth person suffers from eczema. You don't have to be one of them.

By creating a fat-free, invisible and water-repellent protective film, LIPO FOAM protects the skin against irritating and harmful substances like dirt, oils, detergents, varnish, paint, cement, adhesives etc

Protect your skin when you work - safe and cost-effective
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Prevent dirt and liquids from penetrating the skin and pores with a
Green World quality product – now at campaign price:

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The skin's ability to retain moisture is significantly improved by the addition of liposomes.

The product is also long-lasting with up to 400 applications.
Dirt does not stick as easily, which reduces the need for hand cleaner and water.