Universal Clean

Uni Clean
For cleaning in the dressing rooms at the workshop, sanitary areas and kitchen. Is very concentrated and dilutable 1:100. Regular use prevents bacteria growth and bad odor.
Fast-acting and efficient cleaner especially suitable for use in food production, restaurant, hospital, sanitation. Sprayable and effective in mixtures up to 1: 100 for daily and normal cleaning and 1:10 for heavily soiled surfaces, including grease and oils. Neutral smell and without chlorinated additives. Regular use prevents growth of bacteria and bad odors. Fast-acting, super-concentrated cleaner for universal use in food industry, restaurants, hospitals, hotels. Economical and efficient to use. Dilutable with water 1:100 for daily cleaning and 1:10 for heavier soiling. Perfect for cleaning in toilets, saunas and other sanitary areas. Effectively dissolves organic substances such as hair, fat, blood etc. Without chlorinated additives. Reviewed by BASTA. Note! Corrosive. Do not use on aluminum and in combination with hydrochloric acid or other chemicals. Can cause stains that are irreversible.