Performance with Responsibility

”Wherever we take an active part in motorsports, we always push it towards becoming greener, it goes for everything, from small things to bigger things. In STCC, we introduced ethanol, alkylate petrol and biogas, and we also became environmentally certified. What we learn from motorsports benefits our customers.”
– Rickard Pålsson.

Green Racing

With MECA, Posten and VEIDEC as major sponsors, and Rickard Pålsson and Hans Pettersson as owner of STCC, the Scandinavian Touringcar Championship, the most prestigious racing championship in Sweden became first in the world to introduce ethanol, alkylate petrol and biogas as racing fuels. The operations of STCC was environmentally certified in 2009 and the Volkswagen/EON partnership over biogas driven racecars had a direct impact on the sales of biogas cars in Sweden. More than 5 000 biogas cars were sold in the first year of the partnership, more than anywhere else in the world.

Quality and Environment

To become a winner in motorsports, you must make no compromises – quality and environment must go hand in hand. Our products are used by Cyan Racing, who became World Touring Car Champions together with Thed Björk in 2017, and Kristoffersson Motorsport, where Johan Kristoffersson is a two-time World Rallycross Champion. You can be a winner with green products, but only if they are of the highest quality.

Motorsports – Our Laboratory

Since the start of VEIDEC in 1993, we have played an active part in changing motorsports to become more environmentally friendly. Motorsports is our high tech laboratory, a test bench to develop our products under the most enduring conditions there is – and if it works on the race track, it works for your workshop.

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