With a Focus on Health and Environment

Our Green World products are uncompromising with regards to health, environment and quality. They make it possible for you as a professional to work safely with repair and maintenance, with high quality results. Green World helps you to improve customer satisfaction, to increase your profitability and makes your employees happier and healthier.

Why Green World?

Products with the Green World symbol are safe for your health. By using them, you can feel safe at work and you don’t have to worry about your health or your impact on the environment. It also means that you can save costs and become more efficient – without making any quality compromises.

The Green World work also means that together with the customer, through increased knowledge, we reduce the number of chemical products used, and reduce the amount used.

The criteria for our Green World products are simple. They must not be classified as hazardous for the environment, they must not endanger health and they must only contain an absolute minimum of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Save Time

You don’t need any extra medical examinations when you are using Green World products and you don’t need to send your staff to any expensive safety courses – our Green World products are not marked with any hazard pictograms!


Save Money

The Green World symbol also represent economical benefits, as there is no need for expensive safety training or investments in protective gear or installations. Many of our Green World products also have wide-ranging field of uses, which means that you can reduce the number of chemical products on your shelfs.


Save the Environment

The products contain a maximum proportion of quality content which makes them last much longer. This means that you lower your costs, while at the same time making a contribution to a sustainable environment. More quality content means less raw materials used and a reduced need for transportation – good for the environment and your wallet.


Lower Total Cost of Usage

By saving time, money and environment, you will lower your total cost of usage while at the same time, you, your staff and your customers will help the world become a little bit greener!

With Green World, you don't have to invest in protective gear or safety equipment. Many of our Green World products also have extremely broad applications, which means you can lower the amount of different chemical products on your shelfs.

The Near Environment – Your Workplace

When we talk about the environment, we most often refer to forests, mountains, lakes and seas and forget about our near environment, the environment with which we interact with on a daily basis as individuals. We aim to develop products that have no negative impact neither on our near environment or the environment as a whole. Using Green World products means working with products that are focused on your health and the environment without compromising on quality. When using Green World products you don’t have any hidden costs for skin reactions, allergies and other health conditions that might otherwise appear when using other products. As our products have no hazard pictograms on their packaging, you don’t have to spend money on protective gear and safety installations in your workshop.

Green World products don't require any protective gear and none of these hazard symbols appears on them..

A Replacement for Traditional Windshield Adhesives

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