With a Passion for Life

Green World is more than a product brand, it is a philosophy that permeates our operations as a whole.

Our passion and values has their origins in a deeply rooted Swedish tradition where respect for the nature and its sensitive environment plays an important role in life. What we leave behind is what our children will inherit and live. To care for the nature and environment is as natural for us as it is to care of our children.

The aerial photographs of Tomas Johansson, documenting our wonderful nature and its surroundings, reflects our passion for life.

Our Vision of the Green Workshop

 Our passion for life is expressed through our vision of the Green Workshop, a workplace were you and your colleagues can work without any risk for your health or you having a negative impact on the environment and without you having to make any compromises with regards to neither quality or efficiency.

We develop our products according to the premise that they must be as health and environmentally friendly as is absolutely possible. That means, we are constantly developing and improving our products in order to make them even more environmentally friendly and efficient, as to implement our vision of the Green Workshop.

The Three Pillars of Green World

Health and environment, knowledge and quality, are the three pillars of our Green World concept. You can read more about Green World here:

Our Guideline

To succeed in our pursuit of a greener world, we have made the following guideline to lead us in our daily work:

  • With simplicity in mind, honesty in our foundations, friendly eyes and a winner’s heart, we deliver high-tech products for repair and maintenance.

  • We strive to improve and simplify life for our customers, our suppliers and for each other.

  • We develop our product range with the utmost commitment to the environment and follow the relevant laws.

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