S-Bond Flexseal

S-Bond Spray
Forms a durable rubber-like surface that completely seals against air, moisture and water, UV light and corrosion. Retains its elasticity with excellent protection against mechanical impact.
Ideal for sealing connections and penetrations of pipes, air ducts, panels etc. in facades, floors, walls and ceilings. Perfect as a waterproof coating in sanitary areas. For use on wood, concrete, plasterboard, stone, tiles, textiles, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, mirrors. Provides excellent protection against stone chips and mechanical impact on vehicles. Excellent in thresholds and cavities, reduces noise and resonance. Easy to apply with a brush, brush, toothpick, roller or spray with a compressed air gun to the desired coating thickness and surface structure. Directly overpaintable, non-corrosive to metals or cellular plastic. Abrasive after curing.